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As one of the leading insect screen suppliers to homes & businesses all across Australia & New Zealand – here are some of the common questions we get asked….

A Good Tip When Buying Your Insect Screen From An Online Supplier

Order the frame size that is slightly larger than the window you want to screen – so you are able to cut the frame to fit (no tradesman tools required).

Installation Instructions

  1. Apply the magnetic strip around your window frame (this is a 3M self adhesive product & is very strong)
  2. Cut your screen to size & affix the mesh (the mesh is secured to the screen by using a grooved magnetic strip – pretty ingenious)
  3. Attach the now magnetised screen to the magnetic strip around your window
  4. Enjoy your open window and let air in to your house without any bugs, flies, spiders or mosquitoes

A few more things you should know about window insect fly screens


Is the insect mesh fire retardant?

YES… watch the following quick video demonstration. 

Will a fly screen block out any natural air, light or your view of the outdoors?

Fly screens are like shields for protecting your home from fly or pest invasions. Installing fly screens may to some extent obstruct light and air as well, but the type of mesh you install is available in a wide variety of forms to best suit your needs.

To boot, fly screens come available in both foldable and fixed forms which will give you some extra flexibility.

Will a fly screen ruin the view of my open space?

As fly screens come in many different forms and sizes, one will always have the freedom to choose an option which best suits their needs for their particular living space.

You will be able to choose from among different types of fly screens like hinged screen, sliding screen, retractable screens, and even motorized screens: whatever best complements your home as well as your wallet.

How expensive are fly screens?

Because the materials used for fly screens usually include aluminum and mesh of high quality, there will certainly be some cost associated with it.

But installing fly screens, fortunately, can be a one-time investment (if you make sure to choose the right ones and not cheap-out too much), and the benefits of keeping flies and pests out of your home forever will more than make up for the cost.

What if I only need fly screens for certain seasons?

If being able to remove your fly screens is important for you, there are a variety of different types of fly screens which can be easily displaced if not removed entirely, such as sliding screens or magnetic screens, allowing you to keep your windows open completely during certain seasons or at certain times of the day.

How about cleaning your fly screens?

Most fly screens are very easy to clean using the hose of your vacuum cleaner.

Fly screens will eventually build up quite a lot of dust so it is best to do this regularly.

If you have any questions about which fly screens would be best for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are fly screens any better than other insect repellents?

As the name implies, fly screens serve to screen your windows from unwanted guests like flies or mosquitoes.

Given the number of health issues associated with mosquitoes and other pests, fly screens offer a very simple yet powerful solution to a variety of airborne hazards to your family’s health.

Moreover unlike other means of insect and pest removal fly screens are a permanent solution and one-time purchase only.

Opting for other solutions such as fumigation are not only more expensive than screens but also pose health risks of their own, as the smoke and chemicals used for such solutions tend to cling to the interior of your home long after the process has been completed: allergies or lung sensitivities can be triggered even after all of the smoke has cleared, so to speak.

Especially if your home or business is in an environment prone to breeding insects all year round, then you are at risk of being exposed to a number of diseases or flues from these flying rascals.

The cleanliness of your home or workspace, without window screens, would also be compromised due to the tendency of keeping the windows closed to keep out bugs, in turn compromising your ventilation.

Accordingly, the safest and most convenient option for keeping out pests is fly screens, to keep them out altogether, and once the process is done, it’s done: no more maintenance (barring occasional cleaning) or purchases required.

If you are still unsure about which type of fly screen is best for your home or workplace, please do not hesitate to contact us.